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Sand Tray Collection


This 3.5 hour collection of courses will help you become more familiar with the history and use of sandtray play therapy. Buy this collection now for $10 savings compared to purchasing the courses separately!

This collection of three courses focuses on the history of sandtray therapy and how it can be used effectively in your practice. Foundations of Sandtray Play Therapy explores the history of of sandtray as a clinical tool and the skills needed for its effective use. Interpersonal Neurobiology of Sandtray Play Therapy discusses the interaction the two concepts, particularly how interpersonal neurobiology provides evidence-based foundations for sandtray play therapy. Sandtray Play Therapy Procedures discusses practical application of sandtray play therapy including essentials for starting a sand tray, shelf organization, shelf categories, sandtray steps, witnessing questions, and clinical record themes. The courses total 3.5 CE hours and this bundle saves $10 compared to the regular price of $105.

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